Each NEAFS Stick contains a special blend of herbal leaves, gently steeped in nicotine and a range of flavours. Compatible with many devices, the NEAFS Stick offers a fantastic alternative nicotine delivery system to conventional cigarettes, avoiding the release of toxins that are created when a cigarette is burnt.

The NEAFS range includes flavours that cannot be achieved with traditional cigarettes, such as Ice Lemon, Mojito, Blueberry, and Menthol. For those searching for a tobacco alternative with a traditional flavour, we also have Classic Tobacco and Original flavours too.


NEAFS Sticks are the new nicotine delivery system enabling smokers to overcome their reliance on cigarettes. NEAFS are made with herb & tea leaves and are heated to release nicotine by using a special devices, rather than being burnt as with conventional cigarettes.

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